Premier Energy & Water new ZDP issue oversubscribed

Enough of Premier Energy & Water’s existing ZDP holders have rolled over into its new issue to leave it oversubscribed. There will be no placing of new zeros.

We talked about the new issue in this month’s warrants, subscription share and zeros roundup. the new zero (PEZ), issued by PEWT Securities 2020, will start trading on 4 January 2016.

Each ZDP Shareholder who made a valid election to receive new ZDP Shares will receive approximately 1,871 New ZDP Shares and £346.80 in cash for every 1,000 Existing ZDP Shares held on the effective date and for which they made a valid election. Conditional on the scheme becoming effective, 24,073,337 new ZDP Shares will be issued by PEWT Securities 2020.

PEW / PEZ : Premier Energy & Water new ZDP issue oversubscribed

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