Candover announces a further partial realisation of Parques Reunidos

Candover Investments has announced a partial realisation of its investment in Parques Reunidos (Parques). This realisation follows a first partial realisation, completed at the time of the initial public offering of Parques, in April 2016.

Candover says that it has disposed of 26% of its interest in Parques for cash proceeds of approximately €9.9m (£8.4m) and that its remaining interest in Parques is valued at €30.4m (£25.9m) at the closing price of Parques on 4th January 2017. This remaining interest is subject to a 90 day lock up. Candover’s interest in Parques was valued at £29.1m in its unaudited accounts for the period ended 30th June 2016. Candover’s says that its retained interest in Parques of 2.47% will continue to be managed by Arle Capital Partners, along with the remaining interests of the Candover 2005 Fund.

About Candover Investments

Candover Investments is a private equity fund that is in the process of realising its portfolio (of unquoted European companies) and returning the proceeds to shareholders.

Candover announces a further partial realisation of Parques Reunidos : CDI

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