Juridica’s manager sees change of owner

Juridica Investments (JIL) has announced that it has been informed of a change in ownership at Juridica Asset Management Limited (JAML), its investment manager. It says that, effective 11 January 2017, Richard Fields, founder and sole owner of JAML, sold the entirety of his interest to John Sicilian. John Sicilian and William Yuen previously had performed investment and risk-related services for an affiliate of the JAML prior to the purchase of Mr. Fields’ interest. JIL says that both John Sicilian and William Yuen have extensive corporate and private equity experience along with John Sicilian’s legal background. Mr. Yuen and Mr. Sicilian will be managing both a private mandate (for Brickell Key Investment Ltd) and JIL’s run-off strategy. The sale of Mr. Fields’ interest was approved by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission in mid- December of 2016. JIL says that the remainder of the JAML team is unchanged and shall continue to support its run-off Strategy. As mentioned above, it acts as investment advisor for Brickell Key Investment Ltd (BKI), which has a US$400m commitment of which approximately US$150m has been deployed. Going forward, the Manager shall be rebranded and conduct business as Brickell Key Asset Management Limited (BKAML). JIL says that Richard Fields will be available on a consulting basis to assist BKAML’s team in completing JIL’s run-off Strategy through 2017.

Juridica’s manager sees change of owner : JIL

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