Juridica shares leap on news of 8p dividend

Juridica shares leap on news of 8p dividend – Juridica has published interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2017. The NAV has barely moved – up 0.48 cents to 25.89 cents – but the company has announced an 8p dividend and the shares are up 65% at the time of writing.

The secrecy around what Juridica invests in makes the fund quite hard to understand and this may be one factor behind Juridica’s very wide discount. Another may be the unpredictability of its returns. It could be that the certainty of getting cash back has helped narrow the discount a little.

The Board announced that an interim dividend of 8p per share will be paid on 29 September 2017 to shareholders on the register at 1 September 2017.  This brings the total dividend paid since inception to 111.6p per share.

The Board of Directors announced on 18 November 2015 that it would not make any new investments (other than further funding of existing investments where such funding was reasonably required in the interests of shareholders) and that it would seek to make distributions to shareholders in the most appropriate manner, following the completion of investments.

The Board of Directors and the Company’s Manager continue to work to monetise all of the Company’s remaining investments by 31 December 2017 however, should circumstances require the continuation of investments beyond 2017, the Board will make appropriate arrangements as required.  The Board will announce any such arrangements before the end of 2017

JIL : Juridica shares leap on news of 8p dividend

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