VinaLand sells its last two investments

VinaLand sells its last two investments

VinaLand sells its last two investments – VinaLand Limited will sell its stakes in both the 196HVT project and the SGPY project. The 196HVT site, which is approved for a future hospitality development, is in Ho Chi Minh City and The SGPY project is a small operating hotel located in Phu Yen. Both projects were acquired by VNL in 2008.

VNL will divest its entire stake in the 196HVT project at a total valuation of 22.1% above the 31 March 2018 unaudited net asset value, and 28.0% below the net asset value at the time of the 2016 EGM, including adjustments for additional investments over this period. This transaction will result in net cash proceeds of USD2.8 million to VNL. VNL has received all proceeds at the time of this announcement.

Regarding the SGPY project, VNL has also disposed of its entire stake in the project which resulted in net cash proceeds of USD0.3 million to VNL, equal to both the 31 March 2018 unaudited net asset value and the net asset value at the time of the 2016 EGM (including adjustments for additional investments over this period). At the time of this announcement, 100% of the disposal proceeds have been received from the buyer. Because the acquirer, Crescent Bay Developments PTE Limited, is wholly owned by VinaCapital Holdings Ltd, a company controlled by VinaCapital Group Limited, this transaction is required to be treated as a related party transaction under Rule 13 of the AIM Rules for Companies. The independent directors (Michel Casselman, Charles Isaac, Ian Lydall and Tran  Trong Kien), however, have consulted with the company’s nominated adviser and concluded the terms of this transaction are fair and reasonable insofar as its shareholders are concerned.

12 months to wind up

Following the completion of the disposal of 196HVT and SGPY projects, the company has disposed of substantially all of its assets and now has a period of 12 months from the date of the aforementioned disposals to begin an orderly wind up of the fund and cancellation of the company’s shares from trading on AIM. If this is not fulfilled, the company’s shares will be suspended from trading on AIM in July 2019.

Speaking on the transaction, Managing Director David Blackhall stated, “Both of these disposals are in accordance with the current strategy to divest projects in a controlled and orderly manner and transition the Company to de-list and wind up over the next 12 months, ultimately resulting in voluntary liquidation. The proceeds received from these exits in conjunction with those collected from past and future disposals will be used to cover VNL’s commitments including operating costs and distributions to shareholders.”

VNL : VinaLand sells its last two investments

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