Jeroen Huysinga moving to charity sector

Jeroen Huysinga moving to charity sector – The board of JPMorgan Global Growth & Income has announced that Jeroen Huysinga, the company’s joint portfolio manager will be retiring from JPMorgan after 22 years’ service to pursue a Masters degree in charity finance and administration and then a role in the charity sector.

Jeroen’s specific portfolio management responsibilities will be transitioned to other members of the team within JPMorgan. Rajesh (Raj) Tanna and Helge Skibeli will join Tim Woodhouse as joint portfolio managers with effect from 14 March 2019. Jeroen will continue to support the team over the course of the summer to ensure a smooth transition. The investment process will remain unchanged.

Raj Tanna has 22 years of experience in the investment management industry, including 18 years as a portfolio manager.

Helge Skibeli has 33 years of experience in the industry, including 19 years as a portfolio manager. He is global head of developed market equity research.

The three portfolio managers will continue to work closely with the 70 plus team of research analysts based around the world who have, on average, 18 years of experience, following an investment discipline which has been in place at JPMorgan for more than three decades.

The board would like to thank Jeroen for his stewardship of the portfolio during the past 10 years and wishes him all the best for his future career in the charities sector. The board looks forward to working with the new portfolio management team and believes that the investment process will continue to deliver strong long term returns for shareholders.

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