QuotedData’s other news 29 April 2019

RDL Realisation’s (RDL) board has requested that its ordinary shares and zero dividend preference shares be temporarily suspended from trading on the London stock exchange with immediate effect as the company is not in a position to publish its audited annual report by the end of tomorrow (30 April 2019), This delay is among other things due to additional testing required by auditors following the impairment of the company’s exposure to the Vehicle Services Contract platform, announced on 12 April 2019. RDL now expects to publish the annual report on May 10 (no later than May 17).

Elsewhere, Phoenix Spree Deutschland (PSDL), the Berlin-focused commercial and residential real estate investor, announced annual results covering the period to December 31, 2018. Strong numbers were delivered, including EPRA NAV per share growth of 11.4% and like-for-like rental income growth per sqm growth 9.0%. The company believes the outlook for the Berlin residential market remains positive with residential prices remaining on average below the cost of construction as demand for property continues to grow, due to the continuing process of urbanisation and population growth. They also state that average monthly rents per square metre in Berlin remain among the lowest of all major European cities.

Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund (ALAI) benefited from improving fortunes in Brazil and Mexico in the period covering its first-half of the year to February-end 2019. NAV rose by 13.8% while the shares delivered a total return of 15.3%. The main source of performance was the election outcomes and policies of the governments in Brazil and Mexico.

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