QuotedData’s other news 1 August 2019

In QuotedData’s other news 1 August 2019

  • GCP Student Living is planning to dip into its debt facilities to fund the acquisition of the 412-bed Scape Mile End Canalside. Its LTV ratio could move into the mid 30s per cent. level.
  • Fidelity Japan was 7.6% ahead of its benchmark at the half-year stage (up 14.8%). The discount has widened a little, however.
  • Gore Street Energy Storage doesn’t think it can hit its £15m fundraising target and is scaling back its ambitions.
  • Syncona has completed its sale of Blue Earth Diagnostics, freeing up £336.9m for new investments.
  • Utilico Emerging’s manager, Charles Jillings, bought over £250,000 worth of its shares (120,000 at 213p) through his Mitre Investments vehicle (owned 90% by Charles and his wife). The shares were bought from Duncan Saville, co-manager of the trust.


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