QuotedData’s other news 22 November 2019

In QuotedData’s other news 22 November 2019 –

  • BMO Private Equity (BPET) announced results for the third quarter period to 30 September 2019. The company delivered an NAV total return of 1.7 per cent (share price total return was 3.4%) while outstanding undrawn commitments were £124.1m with around £17.5m of these to funds where the investment period has expired and where the company would expect only a small proportion to be drawn.
  • Yew Grove REIT (YEW), which owns a portfolio of Irish commercial property assets, announced the proposed issue of around 20m new shares, representing the second tranche of a issuance programme that was announced on 13 June 2019. YEW’s board believes that consolidation within the company’s target market offers the opportunity to build a €300-500m portfolio over the medium term. The company has identified a pipeline with a total cost of approximately €130m which is being progressed.

We also looked at a board appointment by Civitas Social Housing and a capital raise by HICL Infrastructure.



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