QuotedData’s morning briefing 24 March 2020

In QuotedData’s morning briefing 24 March 2020:

  • UK goes into lock down, following a number of other European countries
  • BlackRock Greater European will not hold a tender offer in May 2020, reasoning that the discount was under control ahead of the recent volatility
  • Jupiter US Smaller Companies was beating its benchmark at 31 January 2020 – NAV return over six months +6.9% versus 3.1% for the Russell 2000. The trust is now using a benchmark that assumes dividends are reinvested (in common with the vast majority of funds investing in shares).
  • Dunedin Enterprise has sold its stake in insurance firm, Kingsbridge. The investment was valued at £8.9m at the end of 2019 but Dunedin Enterprise will get £10.4m – adding 7.2p to its NAV.
  • Scottish American asked investors not to attend its AGM
  • The deadline for a bid for Pollen Street Secured Lending by Waterfall has been extended by a month from 24 March to 21 April.

Also Augmentum Fintech has updated on the situation as it affects its portfolio.



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