Derwent London collects 83% of rent

Derwent London confirms final dividend

Derwent London, the central London office developer and owner, has collected 83% of rent for the first quarter of 2021.

The group said it has received 87% of the £40.9m office rent for the quarter, which is higher than the previous two quarters at an equivalent time.

It has received just 26% of the £3m it bills on retail/hospitality assets, bringing the combined figure to 83%.

A further 3% is expected to be received later in the quarter, principally through monthly receipts, and another 5% later in 2021.

Rent free periods have been granted on 1% of total rents, all in the retail/hospitality sector.

The company has received 92% of rent for the final quarter of 2020, with a further 5% subject to payment plans, and 87% of the third quarter rents due, with a further 7% subject to payment plans.

DLN : Derwent London collects 83% of rent

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