QuotedData’s Round the World Webinar series – Europe day 3 February 2021

QuotedData will be hosting a Round the World webinar series each Wednesday in February. Each weekly event will include 3 – 4 managers focused on a specific region of the world who will present their companies and answer your questions. It starts tomorrow with the following line up.

Week 1 – 3rd February – Europe, including managers covering markets across Europe.

  1. 10.00 AM – Evert Castelein, Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income
  2. 10.35 AM – George Cooke, Montanaro European Smaller Companies
  3. 11.10 AM – Stephen Paice, Baillie Gifford European Growth
  4. 11:45 AM – Oleg Biryulyov, JPMorgan Russian Securities

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