Central Asia Metals : CAML

Central Asia Metals : CAML

Central Asia Metals (CAML) is a base metals producer listed on London’s aim market with copper operations in Kazakhstan and a zinc and lead mine in Macedonia.

The company is based in London and owns 100% of the Kounrad solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX-EW) copper facility in central Kazakhstan, and 80% of the Shuak copper exploration project in northern Kazakhstan, 100% of the Sasazinc and lead mine in Macedonia and 80% of the Shauk copper exploration project in northern Kazakhstan.

CAML was incorporated in the United Kingdom and raised $60 million at IPO in September 2010, which was used to build the Kounrad recovery plant in central Kazakhstan. Construction of the Kounrad plant was completed in early 2012, 15% below budget. Copper production commenced in April 2012, and annual production has since increased to in the order of 13,000 to 14,000 tonnes. In September 2015, the company reached the milestone of having returned to shareholders, through dividends and share buybacks, amounts in excess of those raised at IPO.

In November 2017, CAML completed the acquisition of the Sasa zinc and lead mine in Macedonia for a total consideration of $402.5 million.

The company is moving forward as a low cost, diversified base metals producer, with capacity to generate annual copper production of up to 14,000 tonnes, lead production of up to 30,000 tonnes and zinc production of up to 23,000 tonnes.

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You can access the company’s website by clicking here.