CQS New City High Yield : NCYF

CQS New City High Yield aims  to provide investors with a high dividend yield and the potential for capital growth by investing mainly in high yielding fixed interest securities. CQS New City High Yield invests predominantly in fixed income securities, including, but not limited to, preference shares, loan stocks, corporate bonds and government stocks. the CQS prefix was added to the name of the company on 30 March 2015.

We have written notes that explain how the fund works:

  • “Escalators do not go to the sky!”, published in November 2018, talks about how there is opportunity in the market but investors should be selective and still position themselves appropriately
  • Conservative and boring“, published in March 2018, CQS was described as boring but offers a high yield and has beaten major indexes drawing investors to the fund

You can access the manager’s website here