JPMorgan US Smaller Companies : JUSC

JPMorgan US Smaller Companies’  objective is to achieve capital growth from  investing in US smaller companies. It aims to outperform the Russell 2000 Index total return, with net dividends reinvested, expressed in sterling terms. The manager uses a a bottom-up, stock picking approach to portfolio management. Their investment philosophy is based on the following beliefs: long-term investments in companies with leading competitive positions, run by highly motivated and talented management that can sustain growth over a period of many years, will lead to stock market outperformance. Alongside this, the team believes that a disciplined valuation process is necessary to enhance long-term returns.

The manager believes the portfolio is more likely to outperform in high quality driven periods when growth is in favour. Likewise, the portfolio may underperform in markets that do not reward growth or high quality.

you can access the company’s website here