JPMorgan Asia Growth and Income : JAGI

JPMorgan Asia Growth and Income (formerly JPMorgan Asian : JAI) aims to provide capital growth from a diversified portfolio of around 50 to 80 companies quoted on the Asian stock markets, excluding Japan. The company pays quarterly dividends equivalent to 1% of its net asset value, set on the last business day of each financial quarter. The company also has the ability to use gearing up to a maximum level of 20% of net assets to increase potential returns to shareholders.

The managers believe inefficient, immature Asian markets reward active investment management not indexation; identifying growth companies that are well managed to maximise shareholder returns should bring outperformance through fundamental bottom-up research; and using strong valuation disciplines should avoid overpaying for growth. The manager also believes that assets are best managed by specialists located in the markets and regions in which they have expertise and that company visits and local knowledge are also key.

You can access the company’s website here