Pacific Assets : PAC

Pacific Assets has an investment objective of achieving long-term capital growth through investment in selected companies in the Asia Pacific region and the Indian sub-continent, excluding Japan, Australia and New Zealand (the ‘Asia Pacific Region’). Up to a maximum of 20% of the Company’s total assets (at the time of investment) may be invested in companies incorporated and/or listed outside the Asia Pacific Region including Japan, Australia and New Zealand, but whose economic activities are predominantly within the Asia Pacific Region.

Pacific Assets invests in companies which the manager believes will be able to generate long term growth for shareholders. The manager’s investment approach requires that all investments are sustainable. This does not mean ‘green’, ‘ethical’ or ‘clean-tech’, but rather that companies have strong management and a robust business model in terms of earnings, corporate governance and codes of conduct. They are not seeking to promote uneconomic investment in socially acceptable propositions. Instead, they believe that companies which have carefully considered the sustainability of their business models are more likely to provide superior long-term returns for shareholders.