Ruffer Investment Company : RICA

Ruffer Investment Company aims to achieve consistent positive total returns. Investments are actively managed and chosen without reference to any benchmark. The approach is one of stock picking, the manager describes this as “like a pig hunting for truffles, where the truffle is the investment whose rewards outweigh the risks”.

The principal objective of the Company is to achieve a positive total annual return, after all expenses, of at least twice the Bank of England base rate. The Company predominantly invests in internationally listed or quoted equities or equity related securities (including convertibles) and/or bonds which are issued by corporate issuers, supra-nationals or government organisations.

The Company invests across a broad range of assets, geographies and sectors in order to achieve its objective, with an underlying focus on capital preservation. The allocation of the portfolio between equities and bonds will vary from time to time so as to enable the Company to achieve its objective.

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