Aberforth Geared Income ZDP 2017 : AGIZ

Aberforth Geared Income ZDP 2017 forms part of the capital structure of Aberforth Geared Income.  The Trust has a planned winding up date of 30 June 2017. Aberforth Geared Income’s investment objective is to provide Ordinary Shareholders with a high level of income, together with the potential for income and capital growth, and to provide ZDP Shareholders with a pre-determined final capital entitlement on the planned winding up date of 30 June 2017. Aberforth Geared Income invests in a diversified portfolio of small UK quoted companies. Small UK quoted companies are those having a market capitalisation, at the time of purchase, equal to or lower than the largest company in the bottom 10 per cent. of the London Stock Exchange’s main market for listed securities by market capitalisation or companies in the Numis Smaller Companies Index (Excluding Investment Companies).

Month end valuation information is available here