JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan : JPSL

JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan will seek to realise all existing assets in its portfolio with a view to maximising the return of invested capital to Shareholders in an orderly manner. Any cash received by the company as part of the realisation process, but prior to its distribution to shareholders, will be held by the company as cash on deposit and/or as cash equivalents. The company will not undertake borrowing other than for short-term working capital purposes. The company will not use derivatives other than for the purposes of currency hedging for non-Sterling assets.

The above investment policy replaced the following on 22 April 2016 – JPMorgan Senior Secured Loans had aimed to provide a high level of income with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. It had a diversified portfolio of mainly senior secured loans, together with junior loans and high yield bonds, including stressed debt of mainly US and Canadian companies.