Schroder European Real Estate : SERE

Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust’s objective is to provide Shareholders with  regular and attractive level of income return together with the potential for long term income and capital growth through investing in commercial real estate in Continental Europe. The Company intends to hold a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate in Continental Europe with good property fundamentals. The Company may invest directly in real estate assets (both listed and unlisted) or through investment in special purpose vehicles, partnerships, trusts or other structures.

The Company intends to invest in a portfolio of institutional grade income-producing properties with low vacancy and creditworthy tenants. In addition, the portfolio will be diversified by location, use, size, lease duration and tenant concentration.

The investment management of European Real Estate Investment Trust transferred from the Matrix Group to Schroder Property Investment Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc, with effect from September 2012.

You can access the company’s website here