JPMorgan Russian Securities : JRS

JPMorgan Russian Securities has the objective of providing shareholders with capital growth. It does this by maintaining a diversified portfolio of investments primarily in quoted Russian securities or other companies which operate principally in Russia. The company may also invest up to 10% of its gross assets in companies that operate or are located in former Soviet Union Republics.

We have written a number of notes on the fund that explain how it works.

Outperforming and attractively valued“, published in September 2019, discusses the recovery in the Russian market post the imposition of sanctions and notes that the market still offers value

“Expert access to attractively valued market”, published in January 2019, looks at Russia’s damaged relationship with the west and how despite that their economy is still providing good earnings growth

“Beyond politics.”, published in May 2018, notes how the hopes of sanctions easing on Russia are ebbing away but JRS is still available to take advantage of the well priced companies and a rising income yield

“Low valuations and rising yields”, published in September 2017, talks about how investors have been avoiding Russia which provides JRS with freedom to preform at a discount

“Russian recovery”, published in March 2017, goes into the rebound of the Russian economy with the hopes that it could keep rising if sanctions are eased

you can access the manager’s website here