F&C Investment Trust : FCIT

F&C Investment Trust was founded in 1868 as the first ever investment trust with the purpose of providing the investor of more moderate means access to the same opportunities and advantages as the very largest investors.

Its purpose today is essentially unchanged and is to provide a diversified, convenient and cost effective global investment choice to meet the longer term investment needs of investors large or small.

Its objective is to achieve long-term growth in capital and income through a policy of investing primarily in an internationally diversified portfolio of publicly listed equities, as well as unlisted securities and private equity, combined with the use of gearing.

Its approach is designed to obtain the investment performance benefits from a range of individually concentrated global and regional portfolios alongside the diversification benefits of lower risk and lower volatility achieved by managing these portfolios in combination. It offers a globally diversified portfolio of growth assets.

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FCIT : F&C Investment Trust