Georgia Capital

Georgia Capital
Georgia Capital

Georgia Capital is the holding company of a diversified group focused on investing in and developing businesses in Georgia with holdings in sectors that its management expected to benefit from the continued growth and further diversification of the Georgian economy, the opening of the Georgian economy to Europe and economic development in the wider region.

Georgia Capital seeks to capture growth in the sectors in which it currently operates and drive the development of new high-growth businesses in Georgia, which it intends to add either by acquiring businesses in their early development stage or by establishing greenfield businesses, often consolidating fragmented or underdeveloped markets.

At its launch in 2018, Georgia Capital had four key portfolio companies: (i) GGU, a water utility and renewable energy business; (ii) m2, a residential and commercial property developer; (iii) Aldagi, the foremost provider of property and casualty insurance products in Georgia; and (iv) Teliani, a leading wine and beer producer in Georgia.

In addition to its portfolio companies, at launch, Georgia Capital had significant investments in two businesses of the former BGEO Group. The first was a 57% stake in Georgia Healthcare Group (this is listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker GHG). At the time of Georgia Capital’s listing, Georgia Healthcare Group was the largest and diversified healthcare provider in Georgia (operating in healthcare services, pharmacy and medical insurance sectors). The second was JSC Bank of Georgia and JSC BG Financial in which Georgia Capital had a 19.9% stake at the time of its listing. It describes JSC bank as the leading universal bank in Georgia.

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