MC Mining Limited : MCM

MC Mining Limited : MCM

(Was Coal of Africa)

MC Mining Limited (MCM) is an emerging developer of high-quality coking and thermal coal assets, located primarily in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

The purchase of the Uitkomst Colliery in 2017 has shifted the company’s focus from project development to operation.

Formerly known as Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL), the company received shareholder approval for its name change to MC Mining (MCM) in November 2017.

MCM, which focuses on its metallurgical coal assets, is listed on the AIM, ASX and JSE.

The company’s key projects include the Uitkomst Colliery (metallurgical coal), Makhado Project (hard coking and thermal coal), Vele Colliery (semi-soft and thermal coal) and the Greater Soutpansberg Projects – MbeuYashu (coking and thermal coal).

MCM strives to be the premier producer of hard coking, semi-soft and thermal coal in South Africa, driven by its slogan: Powering and empowering the nation.

Our good access to rail and port infrastructure, MCM can effectively service domestic and international markets; providing a much-needed resource for economic growth and development to the country and the provinces in which it operates.

With a burgeoning population comes increased demands on the delivery of products and services to meet the requirements of a larger population with amplified needs. We acknowledge the responsibility we have to conduct our business with integrity and we are committed to the responsible development and management of our collieries and projects. Environmental best practice, incorporating regulatory compliance, is top priority at MC Mining.

The company is acutely aware of the necessity to balance the socio-economic potential of mining development with the potential impact it may have on natural and heritage resources. This has given rise to MCM’s Co-existence model, a symbiotic model seeking to marry the sometimes divergent interests of mining development, agriculture, environment and heritage in order to create and enhance sustainable value for all stakeholders.