Chrysalis Investments : CHRY

Chrysalis Investments (formerly Merian Chrysalis : MERI) aims to generate long-term capital growth through investing in a portfolio consisting primarily of equity or equity related investments in unquoted companies. Chrysalis aims to invest in attractively valued minority, private investments with long-term growth rates substantially better than the average UK plc. Once fully invested, it is expected that the  portfolio will typically consist of between 7 and 15 investments.

The managers believes that private markets represent an attractive investment opportunity. With many businesses choosing to stay private for longer, the market is growing in significance and the opportunity for investment in high-growth, pre-IPO companies is increasingly compelling. Chrysalis will look to make private investments in companies where the valuation appears attractive, particularly against a listed market background. These businesses are typically at an advanced stage of private ownership and beginning to consider an IPO.

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