Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust : ORIT

Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust aims to provide investors with attractive and sustainable dividends, alongside capital growth. The company will seek to achieve its investment objective through investment in renewable energy assets in Europe and Australia, comprising (i) predominantly assets which generate electricity from renewable energy sources, with a particular focus on onshore wind farms and photovoltaic solar, and (ii) non-generation renewable energy related assets, in each case either already operating, in construction or construction ready (the latter two categories must have the required grid access rights, land consents, planning and regulatory consents in place.

Investments located in the UK will represent less than 50 per cent. of gross asset value and investments in any single country other than the UK will represent no more than 40 per cent. of gross asset value. Investment in onshore wind farms are limited to 60 per cent. of GAV and so is investment in solar.

You can access the trust’s website here