Schroder British Opportunities Trust : SBO

Schroder British Opportunities Trust aims to deliver long-term total returns throughout the life of the company by investing in a diversified public equity and private equity portfolio of predominantly UK
companies. The company aims to provide a NAV total return of 10 per cent. per annum (once the company is fully deployed across the target allocation between public and private equity investments) over the life of the company. The company will pay out its income as required by applicable law but does not have any distribution targets. The company intends to pay distributions on an annual basis.

The idea is that there is a once in a generation opportunity to invest equity capital into high quality, high growth UK companies with sustainable business models at attractive valuations.

The company anticipates an increased need by UK companies for fresh equity and believes that a proactive public and private equity investment strategy can provide access to positive returns through participation in capital raising opportunities.

The company will focus on investing in (i) high growth UK companies looking to maximise their potential as well as in (ii) mispriced growth opportunities where equity is required to return businesses to their previous growth trajectory.

You can access the company’s website here