Stenprop : STP

Stenprop is a Guernsey registered, UK REIT. Its objective is to deliver sustainable and growing income to its shareholders.

In 2017 it identified UK multi-let industrial as a sector likely to deliver superior growth as a result of a structural imbalance in supply and demand and decided to focus on this area. It believes a focused strategy both in terms of sector and geography will deliver investors strong risk adjusted returns. Stenprop intends, over the next few years, to sell most of its non-multi-let industrial assets and
use the sale proceeds to build a business that is focused on UK multi-let industrial assets.

Stenprop, formerly GoGlobal Properties, was domiciled in Bermuda until March 2018 when it moved to Guernsey. It converted to a UK REIT structure in may 2018 and listed its shares in the London Stock Exchange’s Specialist Funds Market (before then it was listed solely on the Johannesburg exchange).

STP : Stenprop