Yellow Cake : YCA

Yellow Cake : YCA

Yellow Cake plc is a specialist company operating in the uranium sector, founded and established by Bacchus Capital Advisers (“Bacchus Capital”) to purchase and hold uranium oxide (“U3O8”), with the objectives of:

  1. offering shareholders exposure to the uranium price; and
  2. exploiting a range of expected opportunities connected with owning physical U3O8 and uranium based financial initiatives such as commodity streaming and royalties.
    Yellow Cake has purchased approximately 8.1 million pounds of U3O8, held in a storage account at Cameco’s Port Hope/ Blind River facility in Ontario, Canada.

Yellow Cake has been designed to offer investors’ exposure to the uranium price, and the company will achieve this through the purchase and storage of physical uranium and the acquisition of streams or royalties of uranium.

The company has secured a long term contract with the largest, and one of the lowest cost, producers of uranium globally. The contract enables Yellow Cake to acquire uranium at a price to be agreed prior to announcing the intended purchase, or any associated financing, enabling the company to acquire substantial volumes of uranium at undisturbed prices, and that Yellow Cake shareholders can benefit from any uplift in the uranium price.

Yellow Cake’s management team is supported by 308 Services Limited, a uranium specialist focused on the uranium commodity markets.

Yellow Cake : YCA