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10 investment trusts for pre- and post-retirement portfolios

10 investment trusts for pre- and post-retirement portfolios – James Carthew is quoted in this article in Money Observer

We analyse the power of 10 trusts over a decade of savings and a decade of drawdown to show how they have quadrupled investors’ cash.

Investing during the dotcom crash? Drawing an income during the financial crisis? These were pretty hair-raising times for investors, but those who invested regularly in investment trusts in the decade leading up to the financial crisis, then withdrew the natural income in the 10 years since then have virtually quadrupled their money.

They have turned a total investment of £100,000, saved diligently into a range of 10 investment trusts at a rate of £1,000 per trust per year, into almost £390,000, including an income stream of almost £80,000.

These compelling statistics, compiled by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) for Trust, form a crucial part of this feature, which shows that the same investment trusts can serve investors well in both the investment and the drawdown stages of their retirement planning.

‘Pensions freedoms have blown away the line in the sand between the accumulation and decumulation phases of pension planning,’ says Haig Bathgate, head of portfolio management at Seven Investment Management (7IM).

‘With two-thirds of us now apparently opting for…

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