New addition to Prudent 15 list – Ecofin

New addition to Prudent 15 list – Ecofin

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Adventurous Investor, 31 July 2020

Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust (EGL)


I do not think it is unfair to say that over the last decade we have seen a powerful shift in sentiment towards utility stocks, arguably in a very negative direction. For much of the last few decades, private investors could not get enough of these boring stocks. They paid out a generous dividend, seem to be backed by real assets that threw off lots of cash, and they also seemed wonderfully defensive.

But then, after the global financial crisis, something changed…

… So, as we head into a new decade, we start to see a convergence, between the boring, unloved utilities sector and exciting, low risk infrastructure investing. The circle is closed and more and more infra specialists find that they are in reality operating classic utility assets. Equally more and more classic utilities operators such as SSE are dumping their customer facing operations and focusing instead on purely infrastructure-based projects.

This is the background behind our latest Prudent 15 funds, Ecofin.

… according to a note by Marten and Co on performance…

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