Investment Trust Insider on Northern Investors

This year’s summer lull is a bit busier than usual with Warehouse Real Estate Investment Trust (Reit) publishing a prospectus and running around trying to raise £80 million to £150 million to buy a portfolio of multi-let urban warehouse estates.

I have been occupied on a new guide for investors interested in listed private equity as well as updating the guide to investment companies that we produced last year. The listed private equity sector has been somewhat diminished by corporate activity in recent years but the many funds it contains still have a combined market value of around £9 billion, ignoring as we must 3i (III), which is more an asset manager than a private equity firm.

They are a diverse bunch, ranging from diversified funds of funds such as Pantheon International (PIN) and Standard Life Private Equity (SLPE), to single manager funds such as HgCapital Trust (HGT) and Oakley Capital (OCI) and through to specialist funds such as, Asia-focused, Symphony International (SIHL) or the insurance specialist, BP Marsh (BPM).

Far too many, in my view, are in run-off mode. One of these is Northern Investors (NRI).

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