Data feeds – Content to your site

We offer comprehensive, reliable information and data aimed at retail and professional investors, and their advisers, who use our content to assist with their investments decisions.  Our consulting service, delivery tools and content (investment notes, news, data, educational tools and events tool) are all designed to improve investor understanding and engagement*.

We work with execution-only platforms, data providers, investor relations teams, publishers, fund managers and content aggregators, amongst others, to improve offerings and enhance the knowledge and education areas of their websites.

The old ways of delivery are not forgotten, we will still provide printed copies of certain publications for investor shows and one to one meetings, however we have built bespoke data pipes/feeds to many news publications, search engines, websites and trading platforms, offering our own content and 3rd party content (mainly from asset managers).

We can even help increase investor engagement, grow your advertising income or SEO ranking and help ensure your content and websites are relevant and fresh with our team of investment writers and analysts and our unique categorisation of content ensures feeds deliver bespoke content for your needs**.

If you are interested in talking to us about our consulting services, third party providers and data feeds we would love to hear from you. In the first instance please email em@martenandco.com.

* In some rare cases we offer providers subsidised solutions. We are able to do this because small % of our content is sponsored; when this is the case we tell the reader. Even though this content is ‘paid-for’ content, we create it and keep editorial control at all times, ensuring that the finished product is balanced and useful for readers. As a further safety measure we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we don’t offer advice to non-professional investors, with no recommendation to buy, sell or hold an investment. Click here to see our Research Principles and Objectives in full and see how we categorise content.

** We develop relationships with the best external content creators, encourage advertorials from sponsors, project manage this for clients and to help get the content you want to your site, in the budget (or revenue requirement) you have. Do speak to us about your plans for a bespoke solution, or simply use our infrastructure to facilitate this yourself.