Investment Companies

Investment Companies

Investment companies are companies set up to make investments on behalf of their shareholders (also called closed-end funds and, in specific circumstances, investment trusts).

We have organised this section of the website to allow you to compare similar funds. We have used the sector classifications devised by the Association of Investment Companies. These group funds by which assets they invest in, where they invest or which industry they specialise in. The classification system is not perfect – no system could be – but hopefully you will find it useful. The classifications were revamped on 26 May 2019 – you can read more about that here.

There is a page for each of the AIC’s sectors, within you can click the column headings to sort the funds in that sector, to see things like which fund performed best over the past year, or which is trading on the widest discount. Clicking on the name of the fund will take you through to a page that gives you a lot more information on each company.

There is a page in the Helpful Stuff area that explains how these pages work.

Global: Global Global Emerging Markets  Global Equity Income  Global High Income   Global Smaller Companies Flexible Investment  Country Specialist: Rest of the World

UK: UK All Companies UK Equity & Bond Income  UK Equity Income  UK Smaller Companies

Asia: Asia Pacific   Asia Pacific Income  Asia Pacific Smaller Companies  Country Specialist: Asia Pacific ex Japan   Japan  Japan Smaller Companies

Europe: Europe  European Smaller Companies  Country Specialist: Europe ex UK  European Emerging Markets

North and South America: Latin America  Country Specialist: Latin America  North America  North American Smaller Companies

Debt: Debt – direct lending  Debt – loans and bonds  Debt – Structured Finance  Property – debt

Property: Property – Debt  Property – Europe  Property – Rest of the World  Property Securities  Property – UK Commercial  Property – UK Healthcare  Property UK Residential

Specialist Equity Funds: Biotechnology and Healthcare  Commodities and Natural Resources  Environmental  Financials  Forestry and Timber    Technology & Media  Utilities

Other Asset Classes: Growth Capital  Hedge Funds Infrastructure Insurance and Reinsurance Strategies  Leasing Liquidity  Private Equity  Renewable Energy Infrastructure  Royalties Zeros, Warrants and Subscription Shares