CEIBA Investments : CBA

CEIBA Investments began trading on the London Stock Exchange in October 2018. It is an existing investment company focused on real estate investments in Cuba. The company is the pre-eminent foreign investor in Cuban property. Its directors believe there is a window of opportunity to invest in expanding its portfolio while competition from US investors is curtailed by their government’s policies.

CBA is targeting (but not guaranteeing) total shareholder returns of between 12.5% and 17.5% per annum (in US dollar terms) and a 4% dividend yield on the issue price.

The directors believe that Cuba is at the beginning of a period of profound change. However, it is not easy to get direct exposure to Cuba. Over time, CBA has become the largest foreign holder of commercial real estate assets in Cuba.

Please read our initiation note on CEIBA Investments, including notes ion the risks associated with investing in Cuban property by clicking here

  • “Unique access to Cuba”, published in September 2018, CEIBA looks to target high rates of return with US investors held back by government policies

You can access the manager’s website here

CEIBA Investments: CBA

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