Invesco Perpetual Select Global Equity Income : IVPG

Invesco Perpetual Select Global Equity Income is one of the portfolios that make up Invesco Perpetual Select – an umbrella fund designed to allow shareholders to switch between other share classes without triggering a capital gains charge (NB while this works at the moment please bear in mind that HMRC can change their minds).

Invesco Perpetual Select Global Equity Income aims to provide an attractive and growing level of income return and capital appreciation over the long term, predominantly through investment in a diversified portfolio of equities worldwide. The portfolio will be invested predominantly in a portfolio of listed, quoted or traded equities worldwide, but may also hold other securities from time to time including, inter alia, fixed interest securities, preference shares, convertible securities and depositary receipts. Investment may also be made in regulated or authorised collective investment schemes. The Portfolio will not invest in companies which are not listed, quoted or traded at the time of investment, although it may have exposure to such companies where, following investment, the relevant securities cease to be listed, quoted or traded. The Manager will at all times invest and manage the Portfolio’s assets in a manner that is consistent with spreading investment risk, but there will be no rigid industry, sector, region or country restrictions.

The fund’s website can be found here.