Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust : PMGR

Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust, PMGR (formerly Premier Global Infrastructure, PGIT and, before that, Premier Energy and Water, PEW) aims to achieve a high income and to realise long-term growth in the capital value of its portfolio. The company will seek to achieve these objectives by investing principally in the equity and equity-related securities of companies operating primarily in the renewable energy sectors, as well as other sustainable infrastructure investments.

We have written a number of  sponsored research note on the fund that describe, in some detail, how it is managed

  • Renewed focus“, published in September 2020, looked at the company’s proposed refocus on renewable energy
  • Strong income growth“, published in October 2019, updates on events since March
  • Quick out of the blocks in 2019“, published in March 2019, looks at the drivers behind improved performance in 2019
  • Swings and roundabouts“, published in May 2018, notes that valuations look more attractive in the sector
  • Evolution, not revolution“, from November 2017, describes the changes that the fund has made to its investment emphasis as it changes its name
  • Significant latent value” from July 2017 – the managers believe there are a number of holdings, particularly in China and India, which are markedly undervalued
  • “A Brexit beneficiary” in September 2016 highlighted the benefit of sterling weakness on PEW’s performance
  • “It’s a £24m rollover!” from February 2016 looked at the impact of the replacement of the old zero dividend preference share issue with a new one on the Trust
  • “3 years later, in a new league” from July 2015 is our annual review of the Trust. It looks at the Trust’s performance since James Smith Joined the management team in June 2012 and explores some of the themes currently present in the portfolio
  • “Value in emerging markets” from February 2015 looks at the Trust’s performance over 2014 as a whole and the value that the manager perceives in the company’s emerging market investments –
  • Solid interims and plans for the future” from August 2014 looks at the Trust’s performance over the first half of 2014 and the Board’s proposals to restructure the fund to keep it going beyond 2015
  • A step change in performance” from June 2014 looks at how the Trust’s performance had improved since the new manager was appointed in summer 2012

Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust has both ordinary shares and zero dividend preference shares and this means it is classified as a split capital trust.

You can access the manager’s website here