Damille Investments II : DIL2

Damille Investments II invests in a concentrated portfolio of primarily equity securities of issuers that the Executive Directors consider can be properly valued using NAV Valuation Basis, as well as the securities of certain issuers that the Executive Directors consider can properly be valued using other appropriate valuation criteria, such as cash flow, earnings and dividend discount model based methodologies. Such Investee Companies are expected to be, but will not be limited to, closed-ended investment funds, investment companies and other corporate entities such as real estate companies or natural resource companies.

Damille investments II may encourage the companies it invests in to optimise their balance sheets, make a full or partial return of capital to equity holders, repurchase existing equity or debt securities, raise additional equity or debt capital or distribute new securities to existing securities holders. It may take control or seek to buy its investee companies in their entirety.