Polar Capital Global Financials : PCFT

Polar Capital Global Financials aims to generate a growing dividend income together with capital appreciation for investors. It seeks to achieve its objective by investing primarily in a global portfolio consisting of listed or quoted securities issued by companies in the financials sector operating in the banking, insurance, property and other sub-sectors.

We have written some notes that explain, in some detail, how the trust works and how the managers go about achieving the objective –

  • The tide has turned“, published in February 2021, looks at the remarkable improvement in sentiment towards the financial sector since the good news on vaccines emerged last November.
  • Too much pessimism“, published in October 2020, highlighted the value opportunity in the financials sector
  • New lease of life“, published in February 2020, discussed the reconstruction of the company as it reached the end of its initial seven-year life
  • Banks too cheap too ignore“, published in October 2019, pointed out that banks were trading at multi-year valuation lows relative to other sectors
  • Don’t fear a slowing economy”, published in April 2019, looks at how banks have lagged in markets making it crucial for PCFT to be designed to offer an attractive and growing yield

You can access the company’s website here