Gore Street Energy Storage Fund : GSF

Gore Street Energy Storage Fund

Gore Street Energy Storage Fund is the first UK pure play energy storage fund, targeting a 7% yield. At launch, the fund had two operational assets in the portfolio and both with multiple revenue streams in place.

As the  the company’s website explains:

  • Problem: ˜The global power grid is extremely constrained with unstable system frequency, high peak demand gaps, thermal and voltage constraints and unpredictable load and generation cycles.
  • Solution: ˜Energy storage facilities, utilising battery technology, help system operators maintain stable grid frequency and manage local peak demands.
  • Impact: Increased use of renewable energy, decreased further investment in the grid, replace existing power generation – faster transition to a low-carbon sustainable economy

With the growing demand for energy worldwide, the market for energy storage has witnessed a boom in recent years. Devices that can store energy for using at a later time have developed rapidly to meet the rising requirements for energy. Companies and governments worldwide are facilitating the growth of energy storage devices due to their capability of storing electricity more effectively and efficiently.

Increased penetration of low-carbon technologies, distributed generation and greater intermittency in the energy mix are causing higher peak demands gap, thermal and voltage constraints and less predictable load and generation cycles are all creating the need for a solution that provides stability and reliability to fluctuating energy supply. Energy storage is the complementary technology that works alongside renewables to meet these challenges.

GSF : Gore Street Energy Storage Fund