Gresham House Energy Storage : GRID

Gresham House Energy Storage seeks to provide investors with an attractive and sustainable dividend over the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of utility-scale operational energy storage systems, which utilise batteries and may also utilise engines, located in Great Britain.

Gresham House Energy Storage will invest in a diversified portfolio of utility scale energy storage systems (‘‘ESS Projects’’), which utilise batteries and may also utilise generators. The ESS Projects comprising the portfolio will be located in diverse locations across Great Britain. Individual projects will be held within special purpose vehicles into which the Company will invest through equity and/or debt instruments. It is intended that each ESS Project Company will hold one project but an ESS Project Company may own more than one project. The company will typically seek legal and operational control through direct or indirect stakes of up to 100 per cent. in  such ESS Project Companies, but may participate in joint ventures or co-investments, including, without limitation with other investors or entities managed, operated or advised by the Gresham House Group, where this approach enables the company to gain exposure to assets within the company’s investment policy, the like of which the company would not otherwise be able to acquire on a wholly-owned basis. In such circumstances the company will seek to secure its shareholder rights through protective provisions in shareholders’ agreements, co-investment agreements and other transactional documents.

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GRID : Gresham House Energy Storage