Mobius Investment Trust : MMIT

Mobius Investment Trust’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth and income returns predominantly through investment in a diversified portfolio of companies in emerging or frontier markets. Mobius Investment Trust will invest in a high conviction portfolio of 20-30 small to mid-cap companies, across emerging and frontier markets with a core sector exposure in consumer, technology and innovation.

Mobius Investment Trust will seek to unlock value by actively partnering with portfolio companies through a governance-orientated approach, seeking to act as a catalyst for broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) improvements. The trust will look for stakeholders that are open to, and have an interest in, positive change. This strategy is taking advantage of the strong relationship between integrating ESG criteria and improving operational and financial performance, with the greatest opportunity in emerging and frontier markets; It thereby seeks to maximise valuations with the dividend yield of portfolio companies expected to increase as a direct result of the corporate governance engagement.

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MMIT : Mobius Investment Trust