Pacific Horizon : PHI

Pacific Horizon aims to achieve capital growth through investment in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) and the Indian Sub-continent.. The Company may also invest in companies based in the region and in investment funds specialising in the region or particular countries or sectors within it even if they are listed elsewhere. The maximum permitted investment in such companies is 15% of gross assets.

The portfolio contains companies which the Managers have identified as offering the potential for long term capital appreciation, irrespective of whether they comprise part of any index. The portfolio is actively managed and will normally consist entirely of quoted equity securities although unlisted companies, fixed interest holdings, or other non equity investments, may be held. The Company is also permitted to invest in other pooled vehicles (general, country and sector specific) that invest in the markets of the region.

We have written notes that explain how the fund works:

  • 2018 re-calibration paying off” published in November 2019, looked at the positive effects of recent portfolio changes
  • “Pause for breath?”, published in November 2018, looks at a reversal of fortune for PHI after a rough three months but it may be short lived
  • “Top of the pops!”, published in October 2017, notes how PHI is benefiting from a strong Asia ex Japan region as well as the rise of the Asia’s middle class
  • “Brave new world”, published in October 2016, details the substantial exposure PHI has in the technology sector and the considerable potential of the portfolio
  • “Investor in Asian growth”, published in march 2016, looks at how PHI has underpreformed but could preform well in a less risk averse environment

You can access the manager’s website here

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