Vietnam Enterprise Investments : VEIL

Vietnam Enterprise Investments : VEIL  – an investment holding company aiming to achieve medium- to long-term capital appreciation of its assets by investing, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of equity securities in companies primarily operating in, or with significant exposure to, Vietnam. The company may also invest up to, in aggregate, 20 per cent. of Net Asset Value at the time of investment, in companies operating in, or with significant exposure to Cambodia and Laos.

VEIL expects that the majority of the investments comprising the portfolio will be equity securities admitted to trading on the Stock Trading Centre of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, the Hanoi Stock Exchange, or on another stock exchange. VEIL may, nonetheless, invest in unlisted equity securities and listed or unlisted debt securities or loan instruments.

The companies in which VEIL will invest may have any market capitalisation and may operate in any industry. In respect of the debt securities in which VEIL may invest, these may be fixed or floating rate and may have any credit rating or may be unrated.

Launched in 1995, VEIL is the longest running fund focused on Vietnam and one of the largest which invests primarily in listed and pre-IPO companies in Vietnam that offer attractive growth and value metrics, and strong corporate governance.

VEIL provides investors with access to Vietnam’s leading blue chip companies, many of which have reached their foreign ownership limit. The company is a closed-end fund, incorporated in the Cayman Islands and trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

You can visit the company’s webside by clicking here

VEIL : Vietnam Enterprise Investments

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