Primary Healthcare Properties : PHP – new management arrangements

PHP has made Nexus Tradeco its sole advisor as Nexus will take on non-property services from JO Hambro Capital Management. At the same time, PHP has renegotiated its property advisory fee to reflect the recent growth of the business.

The overall fee will fall. Old fees were:

First GBP50 million 0.5500%

  • Between GBP50 million and GBP350 million 0.4125%
  • Between GBP350 million and GBP450 million 0.4875%
  • Between GBP450 million and GBP500 million 0.5625%
  • Between GBP500 million and GBP750 million 0.4500%
  • Above GBP750 million 0.3750%


The New fees are:

  • First GBP250 million 0.5000%
  • Between GBP250 million and GBP500 million 0.4750%
  • Between GBP500 million and GBP750 million 0.4000%
  • Between GBP750 million and GBP1 billion 0.3750%
  • Between GBP1 billion and GBP1.25 billion 0.3250%
  • Above GBP1.25 billion 0.3000%

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