GCP Student Living : DIGS – interim report

GCP Student Living has published figures that cover the period from incorporation on 26 February 2013 to the end of December 2013. The NAV at the end of the year was 99.06p, the EPRA NAV (excluding the effect of derivatives transactions was 100.29p) – that’s up from the opening NAV of 97.4p as they recorded a 1.5% uplift in the valuation of their properties. They have also paid dividends totalling 3.35p per share to date.

So far they’ve bought two properties – Scape East, a 588 bedroom student block opposite Queen Mary University, London with 30,000 sq ft of teaching, retail and communal space, and The Pad, a 116 bedroom block next to Royal Holloway University. They have also committed to the second phase of The Pad, due for completion in Q4 2015 which will add another 100 bedrooms.

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