Hansa Trust : HAN and Hansa Trust A : HANA – strategic update

Hansa Trust (which has two classes of shares – voting shares HAN and non-voting shares HANA) has announced that it is broadening its investment approach. Where, to date, it has mostly invested in UK equities and also has a stake in holding company, Ocean Wilsons, it will now also invest in other asset classes – via funds. The aim is to protect capital at times when the manager believes equity valuations are stretched.

These investments will be classified as UK Equities; Core Funds; Eclectic & Diversifying Funds; and Strategic Assets. The funds that Ocean Wilsons holds will be reported under the “eclectic” category. The idea is that eventually the portfolio will be more or less equally divided between these four categories.

Hansa Trust, chaired by William Salomon (pictured), will also declare a minimum dividend each year in advance and will pay this out of reserves if necessary.

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