Doric Nimrod Air One : DNA – annual report

Doric Nimrod Air One has published accounts covering the year to the end of March 2014.

There has been no change to the 2.25p per quarter dividend payment and the company has not changed the residual value of the aircraft it owns. The net asset value rose to 107p from 92p – this largely reflects foreign exchange movements.

Doric Nimrod Air One owns one aircraft, an Airbus A380 with the manufacturer’s serial number (MSN) 016, registered in the United Arab Emirates under the registration mark A6-EDC. In 2013 the plane experienced an engine problem and Emirates replaced it with another one (an Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation concluded that “the associated risks to the safety of continued flight were relatively low”. During the period the plane visited Auckland, London Heathrow, Hong Kong, Manchester, Moscow, Toronto and Sydney. Emirates announced its 26(th) consecutive year of profit and company-wide growth for the financial year ended on 31 March 2014, despite competitive pressure and a global economic environment that is only slowly recovering. Emirates’ revenue reached a record high of USD 22.5 billion, up by 13% compared to the previous financial year.

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