Nimrod Sea Assets buys share of seismic vessel

NSA : Nimrod Sea Assets buys share of seismic vessel

Nimrod Sea Assets is spending $6.65m to buy a 17.5% stake in the partnership that owns the M/V Oceanic Endeavour, “a high-end, 16 streamer, seismic vessel bareboat chartered to CGG Eidesvik and then time chartered to CGG Veritas”.

The seismic data produced by the vessel is used by oil & gas exploration companies to better target their exploration activity.

The M/V Oceanic Endeavour was built in 2008 in Norway. and was upgraded with a new diesel-electric propulsion system in 2010. The 16 streamer part refers to 16 cables that are dragged behind the ship, each of which generates signals that bounce back and are recorded – building up a 3D picture.


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